Beginning Here :]…..

My First Blog was about mental health trying to build a lot of courage to others who are struggling with issue’s that may become difficult over time which cannot be easy and trying to guide them of not feeling ashamed or scared [as for some people find it extremely hard to cope with].

This Blog is about my journey so far…. and the new life that I’ve needed to create for myself and hopefully inspire others and help them through their progress.

Creating a morning routine has been the single most important strategy for lowering my anxiety and stress that I have implemented over the last year.

It has allowed me to get more done than I ever thought possible, while helping to keep me more grounded throughout the day.[ Things that you can do to naturally heal your anxiety.]

Waking up early to start your day

Making your bed


Practice deep breathing

Exercise/ keeping active as is it an important part of well being it can ease feelings of anxiety

Good sleeping

Reduce caffeine

Helping out in the community. spending time doing good things for others :] Volunteer or do other work in your community. Not only will it feel good to give something back, you’ll make good connections that can be a support system for you, too.

Look For Triggers.

Most Importantly be calm and practice breathing technique’s to manage your feeling’s of when becoming anxious.

Now a very good person as inspired me to do this blog: this person as given me hope and faith that we should not be ashamed by our mental health or be afraid.

Over recent weeks I’ve been adjusting myself after spending recent weeks in a rehab centre and coming to term’s of my illness of anxiety and depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts, I’ve decided that I want to explore the world and try out new things “Yes scary at first” but I needed to give myself courage that I can do this and help and encourage people who are going through the same Issue’s I’ve needed to do a lot of work and I’m getting their slowly.

Recently I’ve been looking at other ways to enjoy an out-going life: meeting new people, travelling around different countries, trying to pluck up the courage to go out more and I have to say the experience as been pretty good for me.

After keeping a journal diary about my thought’s and feeling’s It’s given me hope and strength :]. I felt so much better at writing things down and at the time it felt like the feeling’s of anger and bitterness due to my past was disappearing gradually.

There is never going to be an end point. But definitely, I’am happy to complete this part of my journey, and that’s something I want to celebrate :]…..

Now I love going to concerts my favourite band at the moment is tears for fears in which I went to see recently “what a blast that was :]”

Tears for fears 😀

I love trying to do creative things and in the process I try and explore different things that I can feel comfortable with and taking one step at a time.

My mental health as encouraged me to help and guide others, I’ve now seen things in a different light that it’s not about being brave it’s about who you are,and there is nothing to be ashamed of as I said in my last blog “i’m still me no matter what”.

You can believe in yourself and succeed!!!
My next step to helping others

My next challenge was to become a samaritans listening volunteer, so that I can help other’s and give something back and I’m happy to say I made it through the recruitment process and I was excepted I was really overwhelmed because I always had this thought of not believing in myself due to my past as I stated in my last blog of being bullied, and that I failed it but instead of that I NAILED IT YAY 😀 I was so pleased and joyful that I now think I can do this, so at the moment I’m going through my training and making progress and I’m feeling more relaxed and I’m enjoying every minute, as this is what I’ve wanted to do.

I’m now focusing on my happiness by doing this very project of becoming a creative writer in my spare time as I look at it as something that I have always been interested in for quite a while so I’m now becoming excited of how it’s all fitting into place slowly.

If there was anything in the world that you would enjoy doing what would it be “you know” that would help you through the healing process of finding something that is creative to you :] xx

Take minute to think :]… some people[not all] become afraid of not fitting in due to mental health, that is something that I needed to learn, we all have the right to do something that we enjoy in life and not all people feel this way or find it easy to mix with others as we can become uncomfortable due to anxiety.

But things I have started to do in my spare time to relax is drawing and painting pottery, knitting is also good for depression, community work, which can keep you away from isolation,

Volunteering for the community of helping others has helped keep me away for isolation and self harm it has given me something to live for :].

Creative ways to help manage anxiety, depression and stress.

This can be as simple as taking a shower and envisioning washing the stress away.

You can also pretend to throw unwanted feelings into a trash can. You can take this a step further by writing and drawing unwanted feelings onto paper and then shredding or throwing the paper into a trash can. Or burn it away.

When you become anxious or depressed, hold your object and tell yourself soothing things, like you can say “I’m going to be okay” or “I have gotten through a lot of things, and I will get through this, too” also other facts about the present moment so that you can keep fully focused.

Use all of your senses to fully imagine being there. What do you see? What colours, shapes, objects,people, etc, are there? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Say if you imagine being at a beach, picture the colour of the sand, sky, and water. Picture if the sky is clear or cloudy, and if the water is choppy or calm, if it is hot or breezy, or if you have the beach to yourself or if there are other people around you, etc. Really picture it in detail to engage all of your senses and be fully in the present moment.

There are other examples things that you might want to write down: your personality traits [something that I needed to work on myself]:] be proud of your accomplishments you have achieved, little joys that you may have experienced in life e.g having a delicious beverage that morning or lovely sunshine that day]. such as recent special occasions/events that you experienced, and ways that you may feel taken care of[e.g] having good physical health, a lot of social support, or a well paying job.

So now I do believe it’s not about being brave It’s about being yourself and who you are.


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