Finding Yourself, And Finding Love Suddenly After Losing A Long -time Spouse That You Once Loved… [A Healing Heartbreak……]

What as Inspired Me To Do This Blog… Is That Losing A Loved One Can Be Difficult And Above All Else Devastating, But Just Because The Bereaved Can Find Love Straight After Loss, Doesn’t Exactly Mean That They Have Forgotten About There Spouse That They Once Loved…….What They Find Is That Their Soul Is Healing, Mending Their Broken Heart!!!

Loving And Bonding Again Is Healing…….

Grief Can Affect You In Many Different Ways!!!

Things can be really upsetting and devastating when losing a long-life partner, esp when being together for such a long time…. from childhood sweethearts to adulthood of building a life together.

The grieving process can take a long time to heal, and you can feel as lonely as you’ve ever felt in the sense of being lost, or angered that they have left you behind.

Grief can definitely affect you physically and emotionally, and it can leave you feeling mentally drained and ill, and also cause the sense of numbness…,

The emotional feelings.

Anxiety- Including worries about your own mortality.

Irritability- although family and friends can be a source of support when your grieving,

Depression And Loneliness.

Troubling Thoughts.

Also Behavioural Changes, restlessness or hyperactivity.

Inability to concentrate.

Disturbed sleep or Nightmares.

Loss of Appetite or Comfort eating.

When struggling( counselling, and therapy,) can help in the grieving process it can give you support and discuss certain issue’s about all of the above that you are feeling, and how to cope with your loss,[ several sessions can be carried out]…..

Finding love after loss of spouse: “Quote”

I know it may feel Impossible to meet the expectations and demands of life, at a time, when your heart is laid to waste, You know don’t let anyone rush you through the pain, there’s a balance of grief and healing of joy and brokenness, and you have to move through both to make your rough edges smooth again, you have to wade through the thick waters to heal your broken pieces, and it will happen gradually, steadily, sometimes with set backs, but you’ll slowly mend..

The bereaved think about the beloved that they have lost, which is a natural instinct… but also they need to think about what it can cause for them, as grief can also cause death by a broken heart…….

Grief Can Hurt……

Support From Someone Close, Is The Process Of Feeling Love Again….

When a widow or widower lose someone they have truly loved and they have for a long time, everything imaginable can go wrong, it’s a very hard process of not seeing your loved one around that as always been there , which can lead to a sense of loneliness and anxiety,

A Widow or Widower, try to find a connection of support, I know It can be difficult and all are not the same, but finding love after loss, some find it really hard and take a long time, for others they feel that it’s right, looking on the other side of the coin, to mend their broken hearts and feel a sense of a development of a relationship growing, from having the support from the other person, male or female….. and the widow or widower may feel properly healed.

What gets to me.. sometimes and I’m saying some, not all are quick to judge the bereaved on finding love suddenly after loss, it is not the case of forgetting their spouse that they once loved, if a widow or widower has found commitment with a male or female based on the support that as been given, the loneliness and anxiety can disappear gradually, and as we know some going through this devastating period in their lives, don’t like to be alone,they can find it hard, esp after losing a long life partner, even though they might have family around them for support too.

Loving again does not mean that the love for a late beloved somehow goes away. It doesn’t work that way, loving again does not dishonor or disrespect the person who is no longer here, nor does it disrespect the memory of a long life partner.

This is a concept that can create a fair amount of discord [esp] with families when a widowed finds companionship or love once again.

People who surround the remarried or re-partnered widowed can also interpret newfound happiness as not grieving “right”, not having experienced grief at all, completely “forgetting” the past [as if that is even possible] or believing that the widow or widower have collectively dusted off their hands and glance around as if to say, “ok, that’s done and over with… who’s next”? The fact is in my eyes, even a wonderful new life, things like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries,”angelversaries”[the date of the widow or widowers late spouses death] and children realizing various life milestones can all serve painful reminders that someone who a widowed loves without measure is no longer here to celebrate,witness and in general, be a part of a life that was built with love.

Now, a widow or widower can be living this incredible new life, does that mean that they have forgotten about or betrayed their past life? absolutely not. Does that mean after losing their life long partner they should have stayed inside their house keeping the blinds closed forever? What would that of accomplished? People choose to grieve in their own way, in their own time and to help their children with and through their own grief recovering, and slowly, yet steadily, moving into a life of their design – a design that has happily included a new love and new adventures to go along with their love.

The love that the widow or widower had for their late beloved will never go away not ever . not with the passage of time, not with the introduction of a new person into their lives and into their heart. They are honoring their beloved legacy by continuing to move forward, by serving the community that they love or by building a family and living a life with someone new who they will love deeply, by doing all the things in honoring the legacies of love and service that their beloved left them to carry forward.

A young photography girl was on social media, now okay I don’t know this girl personally,and I know that I’ve never met her but she shared a beautiful pic of herself and a musician who has lost his long- time partner, of which was their engagement pic, their was some really beautiful comments at first!!! until someone spoilt it by saying a nasty comment, and after seeing this comment on her page, it hurt her that much that she deactivated all her accounts, which this girl doesn’t deserve at all (this girl as normality) I’m stating in this blog: giving the widowed support and love that they need, he feels properly healed with this girl. Have you ever heard of close friend future wife…. that brings a happy commitment.

This is why I say people shouldn’t judge, What does it matter as long as they are both happy and this means that he has found happiness again, but this doesn’t mean he has forgotten his late beloved partner, he’s just found a way to move forward and with her support, he has healed, meaning the sense of loneliness and anxiety, and physical symptoms he had probably endured had disappeared, but his past with his late beloved partner he was with for a long time will never fade away…. not ever, I don’t like judgement on other people when we don’t know them personally, or anybody for that matter, they seem happy and he has found above all….bonding and love again and mended the pieces that was broken and to me that is all that’s important…:] happiness I’m just saying this as an example, but it’s true and real, they are after all human beings like all of us, respect comes before anything else… and some people should respect.

Finding love to me is the healing process for anybody who’s lost a loved one, don’t let anything get in the way of that, believe me I know as of my mother remarried again soon after my father sadly passed :[ .

Stay Strong Pals… Peace and above all else love 😀 xx

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