My Journey: At the pride festival…..🌎

Hello lovelies 🌟

The reason me doing this post!! Is to say even though we can feel insecure and anxious, and terrified of meeting new people…. We can try and take little steps at a time with confidence, (WE CAN DO IT) with our positivity 🏡

A beautiful summer’s day β˜€ I offered to do some fundraising, with the samaritan’s, the performer’s and the crowds were absolutely amazing ❀️ without a dout…

This gave me, an opportunity to help the community by being very supportive and raising enough funds, this to me, was the happiest journey of my day, it kept me busy away from isolation and self harm…. Meeting new people and their children was the biggest happiness of all, 😁.

I’m a listening samaritan’s volunteer in my community, and you will be amazed of how much people want help and support….. I would go around the crowds, handing out leaflets of guidance to be able to say, were here if you need support.

The loveliest for me was meeting their children, handing out and them asking for balloons and chocolate bars 🍫 seeing their faces light up with cheerfulness, We were doing raffles and on our stall money funds of support….

We enjoyed the music and entertainment 🎀🎸 with the crowds, seeing different musicians and singing and dancing along, it was so inspiring to me of talking to different people in the crowd even though it was nerve wrecking, I built up the courage to push myself forward.

Pride Festival!! Rock on 🎸🎡

My mental health, gave me the opportunity to think that I was going to be okay, even if I was feeling a little anxious, I counted to 5 seconds with deep breaths, and put one step forward.πŸ‘£

See my friends, please try and be strong we were all born to shine 🌟 despite what we endure…. We deserve our lives on this earth of happiness and enjoyment 😍✌.

Until next time my pals!! Take Care…

Cheerio πŸ˜„.

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