My Journey Of Staying Positive, A New Beginning As Spirited….Me Into Becoming Stronger….

Hello everyone…….🌷

I know that some people don’t read this site… as this is for me, as looking of how far I have come….as how I was in the very beginning, lost, Isolated, and alone, I needed guidance and strength to build a relationship with myself in term’s of healing…and believing and loving myself as a person…I have had my ups and down’s of eating disorder’s as I have restored my health yet again, but with the help from the care team… I now realise that this is me….and that I’am who I’am….This is my journal site….

8 Ways Of Healing…..This Is The Way Of Building My Journal’s…

When starting my mental health blog…my very first journal was about the thoughts and feelings…

I sat outside my back garden, with my journal diary which my first thoughts were, difficulties I have struggles with…esp with my eating disorders…

I shared my story… on the butterfly fundraising guide….

Hoping to help and guide others, I’m happy to say it was a success…. I’m a fighter,✊

These last few weeks or so, have been the happiest of my life because I’ve put one foot in front of the other….I’ve started a new job and I now work with learning disabilites…and I’m still in the mental health profession… which is a very rewarding job and is most important to me…..for 22yrs I’ve been doing dementia and challenging behaviours…. and I’m hoping to forward my career into something more…

My mental health as improved!!!

Why did I want to become a volunteer!!…

To help my community,

To make a difference to others,

Be there for someone in need,

Have a meaningful conversation,

Give something back,

Be compassionate, trustworthy and non-judgemental, caring, honest,

Giving something that’s fulfilling,


Giving time to others no hurrying,

Volunteering to my best ability,

Being hands on,


Handling distress,

Be open minded,

I look back on this journal from the very beginning and I think of how far I’ve come….

I’m now completing my module training sit 2, for samaritans, and than I’ll be doing calls and my own shifts by myself…..without my mentor, I really enjoy becoming a volunteer… it seems all worthwhile and it makes me happy of helping others who are having a difficult time…’s very rewarding.

I’ve managed to turn things around by believing in myself, by doing more happy and enjoyful things, like becoming a caring student, I’m hoping to go to university next year to do my counselling level 2…or becoming a talking therapist. as they’ve helped me in the past…and now I would like to help others, I’m going to my opening day on the 16th of november, to see what uni life is like and to explore other students, and tutors and courses…..

Music has helped my depression and suicidal thoughts…and has kept me away from self-harm..Music and artists and things I love doing in my spare time,

Listen to music, watching my favourite bands playing……. my favourite artists are:

Fleetwood mac and stevie nicks solo work…. Tears for fears, lisa marie presley, elvis presley, the carpenter’s motown, prince, mariah carey, sandi thom,……..I love movies, and I’m getting to love social event’s I’ve started to go out with friends…by having a get together once a month to start of with as I’ve always had a fear with social anxiety, but now I’m becoming more comfortable around others, I’ve had to do this for myself….I was always expecting it to fall in my lap when technically I needed to become a stronger person and take that step forward…..I was nervous and sick to my stomach, but I did it for my own peace of mind of believing in myself above all.πŸ¦„

I’m now fundraising for mental health awareness, to help the community… I’ve come this far….of healing myself and my past of bullying, going through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, depression through my childhood of losing my father….

And I like to give encouragement to others, because I believe in you all, and we can all find healing,peace,love, and happiness….


People In Life Deserve Happiness No Matter What Age, race sexuality, [Everybody deserves to be loved]

I’ve done a lot In my mental health blog website, to try and help and guide others…. from the very beginning, I believe in all….I truly do whether having a bad past…to a struggling one…

And now I do have a purpose to live my life In a better way now….and I have to say I’m very happy that I have come this far…..🧑

Take Care Cheerio!!!✌

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