Stevie Nicks…My Favourite Singer… 👩‍🎤 My true Inspiration…♥️….

Her music as saved my life in many ways…It has healed my soul and kept me away from depression and has brought me out of my inner self…🌺

I had very bad experiences with anxiety and depression…. it’s been such a bad year for me!!

And now I’m slightly healed, thinking of my future and friendships with others, and with the help of stevie’s music 🎵… I think it’s so uplifting and spiritually healing to me I feel as though she is my spiritual angel 👼 I still have down day’s from time to time…and when I listen to stevie….my mood turns into a very happy and positive mood…. because I can forget what’s around me… and start thinking positively again….

I do hope one day to see stevie live…and get to meet her in person to say thank you so much for bringing me to life with her music and the happiness it brings to myself and to others I don’t know huh 🤔 maybe it will happen. It would be a great dream come true….✌🏼..

Talented Inspiration..❤️🧡💛💚

Above all music is healing….♥️.

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