My Favourite Music Artist’s ♥️..

I love the inspirations of music…the feeling of self worth and happiness…and this year I’m going to live my life to the fullest…with travelling and learning about nature and creativity…I love going to concerts of my favourite artists and bands…that I extremely enjoy 😊 the sounds of the crowd!!!and cheering shouts and roar’s…especially at bigger venue’s

I love the soulful.. and jazz and blues music…that’s my favourite of all..♥️..

She had the most elegant and beautiful voice…even though she didn’t intend on becoming famous…and a beautiful soul taken to soon!!💔💗
Who don’t love these guys…Roland is my male inspiration to music…that’s helped me in many ways..oh and I forgot he’s also very handsome….😍
Stevie nicks…my very inspirational soul of music…to me she’s my guardian angel and definitely as so much elegance and grace…..♥️👼
Another beautiful artist…gone to soon💔💗
Another truly inspirational singer of mine…since I was 12 years old…💗💓
Lady gaga is one of the most down to earth…people , where I truly, find a lot of influence..of the way I am..a beautiful heart and beautiful soul….💗
Don’t you just 💕 prince 👑….another best artist gone to soon…..
I love Diana Ross and the favourite of Motown music….😍

Roland orzabal I know he’s the part of t4f….but I absolutely love his solo work he did in the early 90s he also kept the same band name at the time, my inspirational albums are raoul and the kings of Spain, elemental…and tomcats which in my humble opinion…he’s my very favourite musical genius….♥️😍…
Avril lavingne is the complete influence in my life….her music brings me so much energy….and joy.. and she as the most powerful voice….can’t wait to see her in london this year..💗.

Music is so inspirational to me….it’s what I live for….💕🌸..

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