I Want To Write This Post To A Special FriendπŸ’“β™₯οΈπŸ’“….

Hello…you know who you are….

And if you read this….which I’m sure one day you will…you are not alone, we are your friends and you absolutely mean the world…to us..πŸ’•

Never be afraid or embarrassed…of what you are going through, because you are a strong person, stronger than you know …you’ll come out of this with a true heart full of smiles again, I really believe that. β™₯️β™₯️

And even though it’s hard and you may struggle through it all,

We may see you struggle….but we will never see you fall….πŸ’•…

And don’t wait for tomorrow,

do it all today,

If tomorrow never comes,

You’ll never regret a day,

Take care of yourself…πŸ’“πŸ’“

You are so not alone…..everything will be fine…!!!

We are all here for you…and so is your hubby marc and josh too 😘😘…xxx

My social anxiety…is slowly disappearing..hello to the real world..my journey of fun with friends.. and new experiences β™₯️😘

My dreams of travelling…are slowly arriving, 😜

This post is my happiness…my friends and I, go out every once a month… to have a refresh.. and have a catch up on what’s going on in our world…πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

It was my friends 30th birthday 🎁 and we had a great time…

This journey to me… is happiness… getting together with friends..who I do miss, and we have worked together for years…it was so great πŸ˜€ to have a laugh and a joke about past times..and talking about future experiences…

My social anxiety is becoming less.. of not being afraid.. and of also talking to others without feeling complete fear..πŸ‘πŸ»

I’m definitely not camera shy ☺️..I never liked my photo being taken!! but hey oh I am who I am ❀️😁..my ex manager looks like she’s really paying attention πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But I love this… and we can take into account that we are human beings… who have a happy soul…I love and miss these friends..and this is the opportunity to catch up on time…you know who you people are….β™₯️β™₯️..and they know what kind of person that I am….

Singing happy birthday to rachel, πŸ₯³ she had no idea !!! 😁😁

But this is one step forward for me.. and I’m extremely happy and proud…to call them my friends β™₯️β™₯️😍

I love you all…nightie night.. my pals 😊😘😘…

My friends… It’s time to create my special fundraising event….for mental health…✌

Hello everyone,❀️

Who’s with me….

I’ve started to put together a charitable event, of a fancy dress party.. to raise funds for mental health,

Raffle, tombola’s, and food hampers and a disco at the pavilion… I have started the ball rolling by talking to agencies… to help set it altogether…

I’m totally excited for this to be a very good cause to help a lot of mental illnesses, like I have endured myself…

And to me it is a event that’s worthwhile…

I will keep you posted, and definitely will be in touch, to tell you guys about my further progress about this event that will be taking place..πŸ˜πŸ‘

All of you take care…❀️

Cheerio!!! Love, peace, and happiness…πŸ₯°

Inspirational Poetry….πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§š

Creativity: ”It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.!!!!

Breathe in the fresh air,

Put your mind at ease,

Let down your hair,

Blowing in the breeze,

Let your eyes wonder,

To all the beauty to be seen,

If those toxic thoughts you still ponder,

Then let out a scream,

Scream until the pain is gone,

Until you no longer feel afraid,

Open your eyes to a new dawn,

Let the darkness fade,

No longer compare yourself,

Or your flaws to others perfections,

Take the negativity off the shelf,

Focus on your direction,

Pick the sadness up off the floor,

Sweep it into the wind,

Close the door in self hatred,

Never let it back in,

For the lies it would often tell you,

You will no longer agree,

Happiness and love are what you should hold onto,

They are whom you should give the key,

Pay no attention to the toxic thoughts,

Listen to those who adore everything you are,

Overthinking was what you once were taught,

But now your thoughts you put in a jar,

Focus on your goals,

Never lose your fight,

It’s time to open new scrolls,

Everything will be alright….β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’œ

My Journey Of Staying Positive, A New Beginning As Spirited….Me Into Becoming Stronger….

Hello everyone…….🌷

I know that some people don’t read this site… as this is for me, as looking of how far I have come….as how I was in the very beginning, lost, Isolated, and alone, I needed guidance and strength to build a relationship with myself in term’s of healing…and believing and loving myself as a person…I have had my ups and down’s of eating disorder’s as I have restored my health yet again, but with the help from the care team… I now realise that this is me….and that I’am who I’am….This is my journal site….

8 Ways Of Healing…..This Is The Way Of Building My Journal’s…

When starting my mental health blog…my very first journal was about the thoughts and feelings…

I sat outside my back garden, with my journal diary which my first thoughts were, difficulties I have struggles with…esp with my eating disorders…

I shared my story… on http://www.butterflyfoundation.org.au the butterfly fundraising guide….

Hoping to help and guide others, I’m happy to say it was a success…. I’m a fighter,✊

These last few weeks or so, have been the happiest of my life because I’ve put one foot in front of the other….I’ve started a new job and I now work with learning disabilites…and I’m still in the mental health profession… which is a very rewarding job and is most important to me…..for 22yrs I’ve been doing dementia and challenging behaviours…. and I’m hoping to forward my career into something more…

My mental health as improved!!!

Why did I want to become a volunteer!!…

To help my community,

To make a difference to others,

Be there for someone in need,

Have a meaningful conversation,

Give something back,

Be compassionate, trustworthy and non-judgemental, caring, honest,

Giving something that’s fulfilling,


Giving time to others no hurrying,

Volunteering to my best ability,

Being hands on,


Handling distress,

Be open minded,

I look back on this journal from the very beginning and I think of how far I’ve come….

I’m now completing my module training sit 2, for samaritans, and than I’ll be doing calls and my own shifts by myself…..without my mentor, I really enjoy becoming a volunteer… it seems all worthwhile and it makes me happy of helping others who are having a difficult time…..it’s very rewarding.

I’ve managed to turn things around by believing in myself, by doing more happy and enjoyful things, like becoming a caring student, I’m hoping to go to university next year to do my counselling level 2…or becoming a talking therapist. as they’ve helped me in the past…and now I would like to help others, I’m going to my opening day on the 16th of november, to see what uni life is like and to explore other students, and tutors and courses…..

Music has helped my depression and suicidal thoughts…and has kept me away from self-harm..Music and artists and things I love doing in my spare time,

Listen to music, watching my favourite bands playing……. my favourite artists are:

Fleetwood mac and stevie nicks solo work…. Tears for fears, lisa marie presley, elvis presley, the carpenter’s motown, prince, mariah carey, sandi thom,……..I love movies, and I’m getting to love social event’s I’ve started to go out with friends…by having a get together once a month to start of with as I’ve always had a fear with social anxiety, but now I’m becoming more comfortable around others, I’ve had to do this for myself….I was always expecting it to fall in my lap when technically I needed to become a stronger person and take that step forward…..I was nervous and sick to my stomach, but I did it for my own peace of mind of believing in myself above all.πŸ¦„

I’m now fundraising for mental health awareness, to help the community…..so I’ve come this far….of healing myself and my past of bullying, going through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, depression through my childhood of losing my father….

And I like to give encouragement to others, because I believe in you all, and we can all find healing,peace,love, and happiness….


People In Life Deserve Happiness No Matter What Age, race sexuality, [Everybody deserves to be loved]

I’ve done a lot In my mental health blog website, to try and help and guide others…. from the very beginning, I believe in all….I truly do whether having a bad past…to a struggling one…

And now I do have a purpose to live my life In a better way now….and I have to say I’m very happy that I have come this far…..🧑

Take Care Cheerio!!!✌

My Journey: At the pride festival…..🌎

Hello lovelies 🌟

The reason me doing this post!! Is to say even though we can feel insecure and anxious, and terrified of meeting new people…. We can try and take little steps at a time with confidence, (WE CAN DO IT) with our positivity 🏡

A beautiful summer’s day β˜€ I offered to do some fundraising, with the samaritan’s, the performer’s and the crowds were absolutely amazing ❀️ without a dout…

This gave me, an opportunity to help the community by being very supportive and raising enough funds, this to me, was the happiest journey of my day, it kept me busy away from isolation and self harm…. Meeting new people and their children was the biggest happiness of all, 😁.

I’m a listening samaritan’s volunteer in my community, and you will be amazed of how much people want help and support….. I would go around the crowds, handing out leaflets of guidance to be able to say, were here if you need support.

The loveliest for me was meeting their children, handing out and them asking for balloons and chocolate bars 🍫 seeing their faces light up with cheerfulness, We were doing raffles and on our stall money funds of support….

We enjoyed the music and entertainment 🎀🎸 with the crowds, seeing different musicians and singing and dancing along, it was so inspiring to me of talking to different people in the crowd even though it was nerve wrecking, I built up the courage to push myself forward.

Pride Festival!! Rock on 🎸🎡

My mental health, gave me the opportunity to think that I was going to be okay, even if I was feeling a little anxious, I counted to 5 seconds with deep breaths, and put one step forward.πŸ‘£

See my friends, please try and be strong we were all born to shine 🌟 despite what we endure…. We deserve our lives on this earth of happiness and enjoyment 😍✌.

Until next time my pals!! Take Care…

Cheerio πŸ˜„.

My Journey that Can Lead Me To Live Out On Life In Nature, And Travel A World Of Happiness……. And Succeed Into Creativity….., And Say So Long :D

Hello Everyone…..:D

I’m going to start by saying,

So Long to my demons………..of hurt, anger, bitterness,

This here is a city without lies,

Those are all the people without eyes,

Churches they don’t have a soul, Soup for sale without a bowl,

Religion so corrupt and running lives,

Farewell, fair weathered friends, I can’t say I miss you in the end,

So long. seems that I was so wrong,

Seems I wasn’t that strong,

Dead wrong and now I’m long gone,

Wrong side, I’ve been sleeping, on the wrong side.

Stains all over my soul I can’t hide,

Nothings more clearer than goodbye.

These roads they don’t lead to anything,

These people they talk and say nothing,

Actors who don’t have a part, heartfelt people with no heart.

I’ll find a new crowd, make a new start,

Farewell, fair weathered friends I can’t I’ll miss you in the end.

So long, seems that I was so wrong seems I wasn’t that strong

Dead wrong and now I’m long gone

Wrong side, I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side.

Stains all over my soul I can’t hide,

Nothing’s more clearer than goodbye

So long farewell, auf wiedersehen,

Say nothing at all if you’ve nothing nice to say,

So long seems that I was so wrong,

Seems I wasn’t that strong,

Dead wrong and now I’m long gone,

Wrong side, I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side,

Stains all over my soul I can’t hide,

Nothings more clearer than goodbye………

Leading my own life, as given me strength and courage to go and see the world on my own as it as always been an absolute dream of mine, and the above lyrics is what I always intended to follow to say goodbye to my past, I can never say goodbye to my mental health issue’s but I thought “right I can look at my beliefs and faith that I can do this,” and my friends we are succeeding in every aspect!!!! we all have our issue’s but we also have deep love and honesty in our hearts…………

When I was healing myself, happiness came to my mind, and going out in nature enjoying the sounds of the water and going through the white sands, relaxing with friends, meeting new people, exploring beauty, learning new languages, going to bigger venue’s at my favourite concerts, joining groups with the same interests……….

I’d really love to go hiking to the mountain streams, and explore my journey, being in the fresh air,

Everyone as a purpose in life to build hopes of dreams and above all else, imagination, inspiration. Creativity is most definitely love and speaks within it self I often love to wonder of how the world works such as, travelling from place to place, visiting interesting cultures, the different oceans, helping the community, writing journals, reading books is also another interest of mine, and creative writing in which i’ll be taking at college………

I also love to believe in fairy tales, my most enchanted story of all is beauty and the beast, as I always believed that their is love for all in the world, peace, love, happiness, healing, and believing in yourself……

My blogs may always seem to be on the positive side, all I want to create is we have a lot of love and respect and no matter how we have been struggling with certain issue’s in our lives, I just want you all to try to feel comfortable within yourself. easier said than done, but even though we feel angry, bitter, frustrated, through our issue’s of illness we need to love something about ourselves…….

Being gentle with ourselves,

Learn to love ourselves,

for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitudes,

Us ourselves as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve our love and affection………

Well this is it my pals!!!!!

Take care, Remember above everything, Peace, Love, and Happiness πŸ˜€

Cheerio!!!! xx

Finding Yourself, And Finding Love Suddenly After Losing A Long -time Spouse That You Once Loved… [A Healing Heartbreak……]

What as Inspired Me To Do This Blog… Is That Losing A Loved One Can Be Difficult And Above All Else Devastating, But Just Because The Bereaved Can Find Love Straight After Loss, Doesn’t Exactly Mean That They Have Forgotten About There Spouse That They Once Loved…….What They Find Is That Their Soul Is Healing, Mending Their Broken Heart!!!

Loving And Bonding Again Is Healing…….

Grief Can Affect You In Many Different Ways!!!

Things can be really upsetting and devastating when losing a long-life partner, esp when being together for such a long time…. from childhood sweethearts to adulthood of building a life together.

The grieving process can take a long time to heal, and you can feel as lonely as you’ve ever felt in the sense of being lost, or angered that they have left you behind.

Grief can definitely affect you physically and emotionally, and it can leave you feeling mentally drained and ill, and also cause the sense of numbness…,

The emotional feelings.

Anxiety- Including worries about your own mortality.

Irritability- although family and friends can be a source of support when your grieving,

Depression And Loneliness.

Troubling Thoughts.

Also Behavioural Changes, restlessness or hyperactivity.

Inability to concentrate.

Disturbed sleep or Nightmares.

Loss of Appetite or Comfort eating.

When struggling( counselling, and therapy,) can help in the grieving process it can give you support and discuss certain issue’s about all of the above that you are feeling, and how to cope with your loss,[ several sessions can be carried out]…..

Finding love after loss of spouse: “Quote”

I know it may feel Impossible to meet the expectations and demands of life, at a time, when your heart is laid to waste, You know don’t let anyone rush you through the pain, there’s a balance of grief and healing of joy and brokenness, and you have to move through both to make your rough edges smooth again, you have to wade through the thick waters to heal your broken pieces, and it will happen gradually, steadily, sometimes with set backs, but you’ll slowly mend..

The bereaved think about the beloved that they have lost, which is a natural instinct… but also they need to think about what it can cause for them, as grief can also cause death by a broken heart…….

Grief Can Hurt……

Support From Someone Close, Is The Process Of Feeling Love Again….

When a widow or widower lose someone they have truly loved and they have for a long time, everything imaginable can go wrong, it’s a very hard process of not seeing your loved one around that as always been there , which can lead to a sense of loneliness and anxiety,

A Widow or Widower, try to find a connection of support, I know It can be difficult and all are not the same, but finding love after loss, some find it really hard and take a long time, for others they feel that it’s right, looking on the other side of the coin, to mend their broken hearts and feel a sense of a development of a relationship growing, from having the support from the other person, male or female….. and the widow or widower may feel properly healed.

What gets to me.. sometimes and I’m saying some, not all are quick to judge the bereaved on finding love suddenly after loss, it is not the case of forgetting their spouse that they once loved, if a widow or widower has found commitment with a male or female based on the support that as been given, the loneliness and anxiety can disappear gradually, and as we know some going through this devastating period in their lives, don’t like to be alone,they can find it hard, esp after losing a long life partner, even though they might have family around them for support too.

Loving again does not mean that the love for a late beloved somehow goes away. It doesn’t work that way, loving again does not dishonor or disrespect the person who is no longer here, nor does it disrespect the memory of a long life partner.

This is a concept that can create a fair amount of discord [esp] with families when a widowed finds companionship or love once again.

People who surround the remarried or re-partnered widowed can also interpret newfound happiness as not grieving “right”, not having experienced grief at all, completely “forgetting” the past [as if that is even possible] or believing that the widow or widower have collectively dusted off their hands and glance around as if to say, “ok, that’s done and over with… who’s next”? The fact is in my eyes, even a wonderful new life, things like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries,”angelversaries”[the date of the widow or widowers late spouses death] and children realizing various life milestones can all serve painful reminders that someone who a widowed loves without measure is no longer here to celebrate,witness and in general, be a part of a life that was built with love.

Now, a widow or widower can be living this incredible new life, does that mean that they have forgotten about or betrayed their past life? absolutely not. Does that mean after losing their life long partner they should have stayed inside their house keeping the blinds closed forever? What would that of accomplished? People choose to grieve in their own way, in their own time and to help their children with and through their own grief recovering, and slowly, yet steadily, moving into a life of their design – a design that has happily included a new love and new adventures to go along with their love.

The love that the widow or widower had for their late beloved will never go away not ever . not with the passage of time, not with the introduction of a new person into their lives and into their heart. They are honoring their beloved legacy by continuing to move forward, by serving the community that they love or by building a family and living a life with someone new who they will love deeply, by doing all the things in honoring the legacies of love and service that their beloved left them to carry forward.

A young photography girl was on social media, now okay I don’t know this girl personally,and I know that I’ve never met her but she shared a beautiful pic of herself and a musician who has lost his long- time partner, of which was their engagement pic, their was some really beautiful comments at first!!! until someone spoilt it by saying a nasty comment, and after seeing this comment on her page, it hurt her that much that she deactivated all her accounts, which this girl doesn’t deserve at all (this girl as normality) I’m stating in this blog: giving the widowed support and love that they need, he feels properly healed with this girl. Have you ever heard of close friend future wife…. that brings a happy commitment.

This is why I say people shouldn’t judge, What does it matter as long as they are both happy and this means that he has found happiness again, but this doesn’t mean he has forgotten his late beloved partner, he’s just found a way to move forward and with her support, he has healed, meaning the sense of loneliness and anxiety, and physical symptoms he had probably endured had disappeared, but his past with his late beloved partner he was with for a long time will never fade away…. not ever, I don’t like judgement on other people when we don’t know them personally, or anybody for that matter, they seem happy and he has found above all….bonding and love again and mended the pieces that was broken and to me that is all that’s important…:] happiness I’m just saying this as an example, but it’s true and real, they are after all human beings like all of us, respect comes before anything else… and some people should respect.

Finding love to me is the healing process for anybody who’s lost a loved one, don’t let anything get in the way of that, believe me I know as of my mother remarried again soon after my father sadly passed :[ .

Stay Strong Pals… Peace and above all else love πŸ˜€ xx

Beginning Here :]…..

My First Blog was about mental health trying to build a lot of courage to others who are struggling with issue’s that may become difficult over time which cannot be easy and trying to guide them of not feeling ashamed or scared [as for some people find it extremely hard to cope with].

This Blog is about my journey so far…. and the new life that I’ve needed to create for myself and hopefully inspire others and help them through their progress.

Creating a morning routine has been the single most important strategy for lowering my anxiety and stress that I have implemented over the last year.

It has allowed me to get more done than I ever thought possible, while helping to keep me more grounded throughout the day.[ Things that you can do to naturally heal your anxiety.]

Waking up early to start your day

Making your bed


Practice deep breathing

Exercise/ keeping active as is it an important part of well being it can ease feelings of anxiety

Good sleeping

Reduce caffeine

Helping out in the community. spending time doing good things for others :] Volunteer or do other work in your community. Not only will it feel good to give something back, you’ll make good connections that can be a support system for you, too.

Look For Triggers.

Most Importantly be calm and practice breathing technique’s to manage your feeling’s of when becoming anxious.

Now a very good person as inspired me to do this blog: this person as given me hope and faith that we should not be ashamed by our mental health or be afraid.

Over recent weeks I’ve been adjusting myself after spending recent weeks in a rehab centre and coming to term’s of my illness of anxiety and depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts, I’ve decided that I want to explore the world and try out new things “Yes scary at first” but I needed to give myself courage that I can do this and help and encourage people who are going through the same Issue’s I’ve needed to do a lot of work and I’m getting their slowly.

Recently I’ve been looking at other ways to enjoy an out-going life: meeting new people, travelling around different countries, trying to pluck up the courage to go out more and I have to say the experience as been pretty good for me.

After keeping a journal diary about my thought’s and feeling’s It’s given me hope and strength :]. I felt so much better at writing things down and at the time it felt like the feeling’s of anger and bitterness due to my past was disappearing gradually.

There is never going to be an end point. But definitely, I’am happy to complete this part of my journey, and that’s something I want to celebrate :]…..

Now I love going to concerts my favourite band at the moment is tears for fears in which I went to see recently “what a blast that was :]”

Tears for fears πŸ˜€

I love trying to do creative things and in the process I try and explore different things that I can feel comfortable with and taking one step at a time.

My mental health as encouraged me to help and guide others, I’ve now seen things in a different light that it’s not about being brave it’s about who you are,and there is nothing to be ashamed of as I said in my last blog “i’m still me no matter what”.

You can believe in yourself and succeed!!!
My next step to helping others

My next challenge was to become a samaritans listening volunteer, so that I can help other’s and give something back and I’m happy to say I made it through the recruitment process and I was excepted I was really overwhelmed because I always had this thought of not believing in myself due to my past as I stated in my last blog of being bullied, and that I failed it but instead of that I NAILED IT YAY πŸ˜€ I was so pleased and joyful that I now think I can do this, so at the moment I’m going through my training and making progress and I’m feeling more relaxed and I’m enjoying every minute, as this is what I’ve wanted to do.

I’m now focusing on my happiness by doing this very project of becoming a creative writer in my spare time as I look at it as something that I have always been interested in for quite a while so I’m now becoming excited of how it’s all fitting into place slowly.

If there was anything in the world that you would enjoy doing what would it be “you know” that would help you through the healing process of finding something that is creative to you :] xx

Take minute to think :]… some people[not all] become afraid of not fitting in due to mental health, that is something that I needed to learn, we all have the right to do something that we enjoy in life and not all people feel this way or find it easy to mix with others as we can become uncomfortable due to anxiety.

But things I have started to do in my spare time to relax is drawing and painting pottery, knitting is also good for depression, community work, which can keep you away from isolation,

Volunteering for the community of helping others has helped keep me away for isolation and self harm it has given me something to live for :].

Creative ways to help manage anxiety, depression and stress.

This can be as simple as taking a shower and envisioning washing the stress away.

You can also pretend to throw unwanted feelings into a trash can. You can take this a step further by writing and drawing unwanted feelings onto paper and then shredding or throwing the paper into a trash can. Or burn it away.

When you become anxious or depressed, hold your object and tell yourself soothing things, like you can say “I’m going to be okay” or “I have gotten through a lot of things, and I will get through this, too” also other facts about the present moment so that you can keep fully focused.

Use all of your senses to fully imagine being there. What do you see? What colours, shapes, objects,people, etc, are there? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Say if you imagine being at a beach, picture the colour of the sand, sky, and water. Picture if the sky is clear or cloudy, and if the water is choppy or calm, if it is hot or breezy, or if you have the beach to yourself or if there are other people around you, etc. Really picture it in detail to engage all of your senses and be fully in the present moment.

There are other examples things that you might want to write down: your personality traits [something that I needed to work on myself]:] be proud of your accomplishments you have achieved, little joys that you may have experienced in life e.g having a delicious beverage that morning or lovely sunshine that day]. such as recent special occasions/events that you experienced, and ways that you may feel taken care of[e.g] having good physical health, a lot of social support, or a well paying job.

So now I do believe it’s not about being brave It’s about being yourself and who you are.